Take to the Skies

Take to the Skies

Released July, 2022

Inspired by the inter-Celtic folk revival of the late 20th century, Frances, Wolf, and EJ have come together in the studio to inspire you with talent and energy amassed throughout their long experience at big festivals and intimate concerts. Dances and songs play side by side with new compositions. Exciting and intense, even in quiet moments, this album was made with the hope you will feel refreshed and renewed in your own wanderings.

Frances Cunningham
bouzouki, mandolin, vocals, bass

EJ Jones
highland bagpipes, small pipes,
flutes, vocals

Wolf Loescher
drums, percussion, vocals

  1. Take to the Skies (reels)
    EJ Jones

  2. On the Road (song)
    EJ Jones

  3. Night Drive / Mary Gray / Running Under the Sun (reels)
    Frances Cunningham / Trad Scottish / Frances Cunningham

  4. The Mountains of Pomeroy (song)
    Dr. George Sigerson / Frances Cunningham

  5. Muiñeira de Chantada / Cafe Aviño / St Vincents (jig/reels)
    Trad Galician / Richard Kean

  6. The Taoist’s Tale (song/reel)
    Tucker Zimmerman / EJ Jones

  7. Rantin’ Rovin’ Robin (song)
    Robert Burns

  8. The Pyrrhic Picnic (surf rock)
    Frances Cunningham

  9. The Flower of France & England (song)
    Trad / Archie Fisher

  10. Wrenkeeper Set (jigs)
    EJ Jones

  11. Sing it Louder (song)
    Dave Gunning / Sally Spring

Guest Musicians
Rich Brotherton – guitar on track 8, bass on 8, 11
Jeff Taylor – accordion on track 8
Richard Kean – binou on track 2

All tracks arranged by The Piper Jones Band
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Rich Brotherton Ace Recording Studio, Austin TX
Produced by The Piper Jones Band and Rich Brotherton
Graphic design by Tony Horning

One of the great sustainers of life and culture is music: listening, learning, sharing, playing, arranging, performing, and recording. And among the sustainers of our music is you, our patron, our audience, our friends.

In this world where we often have no control we are inspired by your faith in us and we try to pass it on and do our best to spread our energy into the world and make the best damn music we can.

We thank you for keeping us on the road — where we take to the skies, and sing it louder, together.